SR 82 from CR 884 (Lee Blvd.) to 40th Street , Lee County

  • FDOT District 1 Project
  • The SR 82 project completed in November of 2019.
  • It included the implementation of a Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI)  at Daniels Parkway/Gunnery Road and SR 82.  The CFI is the first of its kind in Florida.
  • Primary improvements included expanding 5.46 miles of the current two-lane rural section to a six-lane urban section. Additional improvements included a shared use path, signalization and interconnect plan, highway lighting and signing and pavement markings.
  • The project received numerous National awards including the 2020 AASHTO Operational Excellence Award and the 2020 ASHE National Project of the Year (over $20 million).
  • Construction Value was $55.6M.

SR 64 at Greyhawk Boulevard Intersection, Manatee County

  • FDOT District 1 Project
  • The project involves the construction of a roundabout at the existing intersection of SR 64 and Greyhawk Boulevard/Pope Road. It also includes the installation of a new traffic signal at the intersection of SR 64 and 117th Street.
  • The project contains a Utility Work performed by Highway Contractor Agreement (UWHCA) with Manatee County for the relocation, removal and adjustment of the County water and sewer lines.
  • Construction Value is $4.8M.
  • Currently under construction and estimated to complete in August 2021.

US 27 (SR 25) from Glades County Line to South of Horn Road, Highlands County

  • FDOT District 1 Project
  • 6.5 miles of milling and resurfacing along with the reconstruction of fourteen crossovers to lengthen and add a turn lane. Additionally, two U-turns will be added and ten crossovers will be closed and the median constructed to match the existing median.
  • Construction Value is $7.8M.
  • Construction is estimated to begin in November 2020 and estimated to complete in August 2021.

Central Florida Express Way (CFX) - SR 538 Widening from Ronald Reagan To Cypress Parkway

  • Design and construction for widening 7.2 miles of SR 538 (Poinciana Parkway) from Ronald Reagan Parkway to Cypress Parkway from a two-lane undivided expressway to a four-lane median separated expressway.
  • The two new lanes will become the eastbound lanes
  • Three new bridges will be built: one over Reedy Creek, another at Marigold Ave. and the third at KOA Street.
  • New ramps will be added at SR 538/Marigold Avenue, making this a full diamond interchange.
  • Construction Value is $92.6M.
  • Construction is currently estimated to begin in May 2021 and estimated to complete in September 2023.

CEI Group 196 - SR 535, Orange County

  • FDOT District 5 Project
  •  A pedestrian heavy, 1.96-mile section of SR 535 that runs between I-4 and International Drive in Orlando, FL.
  • The project is centered around safety improvements for pedestrians as well as milling and resurfacing. Improvements include adding/reconfiguring and installing upgrades to pedestrian islands, adding four signalized intersections with caddy corner crosswalks, upgrading sidewalks and adding a bicycle lane and installing the wrong-way vehicle detection system to the I-4 ramps.
  • Construction Value is $9.2M.
  • Construction is currently estimated to begin in February 2021 and estimated to complete in April 2022.

US 27 (SR 25) from 5th Street to N of SR 78, Glades County

  • FDOT District 1 Project
  •  6.04 miles of deep milling and resurfacing with minor widening and reshaping the front slope of the side ditches to provide increased treatment volume, box culvert repairs, turnout construction, and ADA ramp reconstruction. The contract involves a UWHCA with the City of Moore Haven to install a new and remove the existing sanitary force main and water main along US 27.
  • Construction Value was $12.8M.
  • Completed in November 2020.

SR 80 from North of Bee Creek to North of Ft. Thompson Ave, Hendry County

  • FDOT District 1 Project
  •  1.95 miles of milling and resurfacing. Sidewalk and ramp improvements are being made at several locations within the corridor, including relocating some of the ramps to better align pedestrian side street crossings and installing detectable warning pads where none currently exist.
  • Construction Value is $3.5M.
  • Completed in April 2020.

     Polk Parkway Sign Panel Replacement, Suncaost Parkway Sign Replacement, Systemwide Left Plaque Signing and Wrong Way Sign Replacement, Various Counties

  • Florida's Turnpike Enterprise Project
  • The replacement of 106 sign panels mounted to existing cantilevers, bridges or toll plazas, in addition to ground mounted signs from milepost 8 to 12 of the Polk Parkway.
  • The replacement of ground mounted sign panels in addition to those mounted to existing cantilevers from milepost 14 to 55 of the Suncoast Parkway. It also includes the removal of existing bridge mounted signs and the associated panel luminaires.
  • Adding “LEFT” exit plaques to existing sign panels, panel replacement on existing structures, removal of existing luminaires and the replacement of 3 sign structures along the mainline, surrounding service plazas, SR 821 (HEFT), SR 528 and SR 429. The sign replacements include 1 span and 2 cantilevers and are likely to involve traffic pacing or detours.
  • The replacement of Wrong Way signs, Wrong Way Arrows, Curve Signs, Speed Signs and Exit Numbers at 56 ramps and 33 interchanges. This includes single post and multi-post sign installations, overhead sign panel replacements on existing structures.
  • Construction Value of $3.5M.
  • Completed in March 2019.

SR 35 (US 17) from Bermont Road to Pinegrove Cricle, Charlotte County

  • FDOT District 1 Project
  • Improvements included 2.6 miles of milling & resurfacing, updating signing and pavement markings to improve visability, adding new traffic signal heads, "Emergency Signal" sign panels and internally illuminated street name signs at Disston Avenue.
  • Construction Value was $2.2M.
  • Completed in July 2018.

SR 500 (US 192/441) from Aeronautical Boulevard to Budinger Avenue & SR 500 (us 192/441) from Eastern Avenue to Nova Road, Osceola County

  • FDOT District 5
  • KSI is providing the Sr. Project Engineer, Contract Support Specialist and Sr. Inspector for this project.
  • The contract consists of two projects that widen SR 500/US 192 from an existing rural 4-lane divided roadway to a 6-lane high speed urban roadway with median access management enhancements, rehab of the existing roadway, as well as drainage, sidewalk and signalization improvements.
  • Completed in April 2020.

Other Projects Include:

KSI as Prime:


  • SR 82 City of Fort Myers Utility Work by Highway Contractor Agreement, Lee County
  • SR 15 (US 441) from E of Bridge over Turnpike to N of Tyson Creek Bridge (YeeHaw Junction), Osceola County, FDOT District 5
  • SR 70 from 301 Blvd/15th Street E to Lockwood Ridge Road, Manatee County, FDOT District 1
  • US 41 from Mosquito Canal to SR 29, Collier County, Collier County, FDOT District 1
  • I-75 Widening from N. of Golden Gate Parkway to Toll Booth, Collier County, FDOT District One
  • I-75 Milling & Resurfacing from Toll Booth to Golden Gate Parkway, Collier County, FDOT Distsrict 1

KSI as Sub-consultant:


  • I-85/I-385 Gateway Project – Greenville County, SC – SCDOT


  • SR 776 from North of Placida Rd/Pine St/CR 775 to Spinnaker Blvd
  • SR 82 from Alabama Rd to Homestead Rd, SR 82 from Homestead Rd to Hendry C/L and from Lee C/L to Collier C/L, Hendry County
  • Fort Myers Operations Center Continuing Services, Lee County
  • US 41 (SR 45) From Winkler Ave to SR 82, Lee County
  • Homestead Road Widening - Homestead Road from Sunrise Blvd. to Alabama Road – Lee County DOT
  • City of Sarasota: Roundabout: US 41 and Fruitville Road
  • SR 500 (US 192/441) from Aeronautical Boulevard to Budinger Avenue, Osceola County
  • SR 500 (US 192/441) from Eastern Avenue to Nova Road, Osceola County
  • US 17 From S of West 9th Street N of West 3rd Street, Hardee County
  • I-75 (SR 93A) NB On-Ramp from EB/WB I-4 to S of Bypass Canal, Hillsborough County
  • I-75 from S. of Harborview Road to N. of Kings Highway, Toledo Blade to Sumter Boulevard & I-75 (SR 93) from Charlotte County line to Toledo Blade, Charlotte County
  • CEI Services for the Wildlife Remediation Project – Phase II at RSW, Lee County
  • I-75 Airport Access at Southwest Florida International Airport, Lee County
  • I-75 N of SR 80 to S of SR 78 (Caloosahatchee Bridge), Lee County
  • SR 82 Widening Project – City of Fort Myers, Lee County
  • I-75 Tucker’s Grade to Jones Loop Road Widening Project, Charlotte County
  • Roadside Animal Detection System (RADS) on US 41 east of Everglades City, Collier County
  • Six Mile Cypress Parkway Widening, Lee County – Lee County DOT
  • SR 739 Metro Parkway Extension, Lee County
  • iROX – I-75 Design, Build, Finance Project – Lee & Collier Counties
  • I-75/Golden Gate Parkway Interchange, Collier County